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Iris Germanica

Iris Germanica… Butter

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Iris Germanica
  • ORIGIN : Morocco & Turkey
  • PRODUCTION METHOD : Extraction

It is a member of Iridaceae family. Iris Germanica which grows in hot and mild climate zones in Northern Hemisphere have dazzling flowers, and is also grown as an ornamental plant in many places in Turkey.

It is an herbaceous plant that can grow as high as 100 to 150 cm. It has sword-like light green leaves with pointed ends with a length up to 50 cm. It has big purple colored flowers blossoming in the end of spring and in summer having three petals and three sepals, and a characteristic scent. Petals and sepals are arranged alternatively. The bowl-like middle part of flower is yellow. Female and male organs are in that bowl-like part. Rhizome (rootstock) of Iris Germanica is thick, strong and branched.

The plant is removed in every 2 to 3 years, and its rhizomes are separated and planted in different places to propagate the plant.Rhizome of Iris Germanica contains essential oil, sticky plant liquid, starch, sugar, resinous substances, tannin, salicylic acid, and a substance called iridin. Iris Germanica has flowers with strong scent which are used in perfumery and cosmetics industries.