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Laurel Leaf

Laurel Leaf… Essential Oil

  • BOTANICAL NAME : Laurus Nobilis L.
  • ORIGIN : Turkey
  • PRODUCTION METHOD : Steam Distillation

Laurel or Mediterranean Laurel (Laurus Nobilis) is an evergreen tree with nice scent belonging to Lauraceae family, and its leaves have a wide range of use. Generally, it is a tree measuring 2 to 6 meters which sometimes can measure 8 to 10 meters. Lower part of its body is gray while the top part is green and smooth. Young sprouts are green which then turns into red and black, and falls down. Leaves are narrow and elliptic with slightly wavy edges which become pointed towards the end. Leaves are 6 to 12 cm long and 2 to 4 cm wide. Leaves are green and scented, shaped like a spear, having a leathery and hard texture with bright top surface, and wavy edges, arranged alternatively. Small yellowish and greenish flowers which blossom during spring turn into pulpy fruits with single seed and dark purple color as they mature. Flowers have 1cm diameter with light yellow and green color. 4 to 5 leaves spring from same point of stalk to constitute a group. These flower groups blossom in pairs on the side of leaf. Its flowers are dioecious. Female flowers have 4 blunt etamins. The grape-shaped fruit is first green and as big as a rosary bead, and turns into dark black when it matures. Trees are classified as female and male. The black fruit containing a single seed measures approximately 1cm in diameter.