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Lavander… Essential Oil

  • BOTANICAL NAME : Lavandula Angustifolia
  • ORIGIN : Bulgaria
  • PRODUCTION METHOD : Steam Distillation

Lavender is a perennial woody shrub with 30 to 70 cm height. Lower part of lavender plant is quite dense, forked and woody. It has opposite leaves constituting a thin strip diagonal with subsequent strip; leaves have a pointed end, slightly upright edge, grayish green top, and white bottom part with goat-like hairs. Flowers are represent an ear of grain with nodes, each node having 5 to 8 flowers. Cup leaves are reddish brown and tubular while sepals have a tubular back part with 1 cm length and five lobes in the end part, two lobes being in upper lip and three lobes in the lower lip with lilac, blue, purple, pink and light red color, and flower stalks with 10 to 20 cm length. It has dark and bright fruits with seeds.

If lavenders are collected as buds before blossoming flowers, then more ether oil can be obtained. Lavender flowers are collected with their stalks (petioles) from June to September, dried in shadow or processed fresh if tincture is to be produced.