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Origanum… Essential Oil

  • BOTANICAL NAME : Origanum Vulgare
  • ORIGIN : Turkey
  • PRODUCTION METHOD : Steam Distillation

It is commonly found in provinces of Isparta, Burdur, İzmir, Aydın, Muğla, etc. in Turkey. It has thin taproots, and spreads by crawling, constituting large groups in a short period of time.

Its body climbs vertically, covered with four-cornered slightly haired offshoots in green and sometimes red color. The body bifurcates as it rises, it has opposite and alternating leaves shaped like egg, becoming pointed towards the end, and lower leaves are bigger while the upper leaves are smaller. Accordingly, leaves can have 2 to 10cm length and 1 to 6 cm width. Leaves are green with generally smooth edges, sometimes jagged and slightly wavy. Petals of flowers have two lips, the lower lip having three lobes and the upper lip having two lobes generally in pink, sometimes in blood red, and rarely in white color. There are 4 pollination stamens, and flowers gather as groups giving it the shape of an umbrella.