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Rosa Damascena

Rosa Damascena… Essential Oil / Absolute / Concrete / Rose Water

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Rosa Damascena Mill.
  • ORIGIN : Turkey & Bulgaria
  • PRODUCTION METHOD : Steam Distillation

Rosa Damascena has many varieties, the most common of which is “Trigintipetala” which is particularly grown in Bulgaria and Turkey, as well as Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Syria, India, and the Caucasus for production of rose oil. Rosa Damascena also known as the Isparta Rose, Pink Oil Rose, Oil Rose, Gum Rose, Chios Rose, and Damask Rose is a pink colored, semi-double, perennial , thorny plant with a strong scent and high resistance to winter conditions. Rose Damascena plants have a height between 1.5 and 3 meters. It has a cylindrical solid body with dark color and multiple branches with various small and big thorns along them. Alternatively positioned leaves have a soft texture, fine hairs (trichomes), stalk, stipule (appendage), and 5 to 7 folioles.

Folioles (leaflets) have an oval shape with 3 to 4 cm length, simple toothed edges, and bottom surface with hairs (trichomes). Flowers are slightly droopy with light or dark pink color. In single color flowers, the inner petals are smaller than the outer ones, and blossoming is similar to that of a bush plant. Calyx (sepal) is longer than corolla (petal), and consists of 5 multiple-part sepals (calyxes). Corolla has multiple petals which have oval shape and pale pink color with a white base.