Sebat LTD

Rose Oil and Essential Oils



First rose saplings were brought to Isparta in 1870 by Müftüzade İsmail Efendi.


First roses were planted in Senir Town of Keçiborlu County in Isparta.


Hasan KINACI started to buy and sell Roses, and trade essential oils.


Sebat Gülyağı Ltd. Şti. was established with one distillation vessel. Production of first lot of rose essential oil. 8 kg rose essential oil was produced.


Sebat Gülyağı Ltd.Şti. started to export rose essential oil.


Having improved its production capacity as a result of steady growth, Sebat increased the number of distillation vessel available in Sebat Rose Essential Oil Factory to 7 vessels.


In 1997, a different rose product, i.e. concrete, started to be produced for the first time.


Absolute production started. Moreover, first organic rose essential oil was produced under the project performed by Senirce town for transformation into organic agriculture.


Rose essential oil production capacity which was 8 kg back in 1985 with single vessel increased up to 55 kg. In addition, 1000 kg Absolute and 250 kg Concrete were produced. Analysis & Research laboratories were established.


Rose tourism started as a cultural tourism attempt, and many foreign guests were hosted. Sebat Rose Essential Oil Factory started to manufacture distillation vessels and equipments.


Procurement of lands in Dinar County in Afyonkarahisar in order to produce organic roses and fragrant plants. Sebat Ltd. Şti. organized the first rose festival in Senir Town. Starting export of equipments manufactured.


Sebat Rose Oil Factory started production with 15 Rose Oil Vessels (2 Organic), 10 Concrete Vessels (5 Organic) and an Absolute Unit.


Area of planted lands in Dinar reached to 3.313.200 square meters. In 2011, products were produced by means of fractional distillation method for the first time. Molecular Distillation Equipment exported to an Italian company.


In 2012, Organic Roses were harvested on planted lands of 700.000 square meters. A rose essential oil factory and 6.000.000 square meters land for planting rose and lavender were bought in Kazanlak Region, Bulgaria.


In 2015, 1050 tons of rose flowers were processed. Chamomile and lily processing operations started.


In addition to Chamomile and Lilly, Sebat Ltd. Şti. also introduced Oregano and Rosemary. 2.000.000 square meters of land was bough, and rose flowers were planted there.


In 2017, “Continuous System” concrete production machine was constructed. A factory was established in Pakistan. Jasmine and Orange flowers were also started to be processed. Sebat Ltd. Şti. processed 3000 tons of rose flowers in 2017. In addition to rose flowers, 3500 tons of oregano, rosemary, lily, chamomile, laurel, black cumin, and lavender were also processed.


Sebat Ltd. Şti. started construction of world’s largest rose and fragrant plants facility in Senir Town that will encompass approximately 6.200 square meters and consist of 35 rose distillation vessels (20 x 1 Ton vessels and 15 x 500 Kg vessels), 25 Concrete Vessels (500Kg) + Continuous System and Absolute Units. The facility is estimated to be completed in 2019.